Entry 24: Nia’s Final Entry

Day 66 It’s Venture’s birthday. He ages up into a responsible, good-mannered adult. That freaking Dance Machine trait has also made an appearance, in addition to Loves Outdoors and Glutton. Journey is constantly bored because she can’t dance since we don’t have a stereo. I guess Venture is doomed to the same fate. I do […]

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Entry 23: Retail and Future Plans

Day 60 It’s the most curious thing. I’m fairly certain Angel and I were the same age when I arrived in Glassbolt, and yet she, like Nancy, hasn’t aged a day. Is there information they’ve been keeping from me? I’m struck by a concerning thought: What if something happened during that meltdown that locked the […]

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Entry 22: Older and Wiser

Day 56 It’s almost my elder birthday and I have just maxed my wellness skill. It seems that now, when I meditate, I will occasionally have great ideas that increase my skill in other areas. I don’t know if I’m going to be around long enough to meet my grandkids, but I’m giving it everything […]

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Entry 21: Winterfest

Day 53 Charles cooks the grand breakfast for Winterfest morning. He’s been looking forward to it for days. We both have our normal day off today and the kids never go to school on holidays. It seems school is more open to days off than workplaces. In fact, they insist no one comes to school […]

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Entry 20: Fitness

Day 52 Tomorrow is Winterfest. We typically don’t celebrate the holidays because no one’s in the mood, but Charles is far too excited to ignore this time. I guess we could have a meal or something. No presents, though. We don’t have the resources for that. For the first time, though, we have enough food […]

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Entry 19: Friendship

Day 48 It seems Prosper has made an imaginary friend. He swears the monster under the bed is real. Charles and I just go with it, after making sure he hadn’t drunk any contaminated water recently. But no. He just has an active imagination… though he did seem quite interested in the water situation when […]

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Entry 18: The Promise

Day 46 I’ve gotten back to meditating. With all three kids in school, there’s not much for me to do during the day when I’m not sleeping to prepare for work. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of the whole levitation thing yet, but my second attempt goes much better than the first. Charles has […]

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Entry 17: Birthdays and Bears?

Day 44 Venture comes home from school on Monday with an A report card and a school project. I’m not sure where we’re going to fit it in the house, since we won’t be able to move it until it’s finished because of its size. We’ll think of something. I think we have room in […]

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Entry 16: Celebrity Chef

Day 39 Finally having a child in the house has brought an unexpected benefit. For some reason, we can’t initiate reading to toddlers with the books that came with our cheap bookshelf. We can’t purchase toddlers books, either. However, there is a copy of a children’s book that we can read to Venture as a […]

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Entry 15: Mud

Day 36 Travis is stuck by lightning again on the way home from grilling some fish. I’m starting to think he’s a sim lightning rod. He has less than two hours before work to sort himself out and he’s up for a promotion today. This, we do not need. He still manages to get promoted […]

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